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Post Info TOPIC: 1929 Model A Tudor windshield frame (chopped) replacement


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1929 Model A Tudor windshield frame (chopped) replacement

Good morning:  I have reached the point of piecing together the remnants of 5 windshield frames to make one good one.  So far I have restored and salvaged the top, two sides and the bottom and marked where I think I should cut the sides.  I plan to make horizontal cuts to the sides about one inch above the bottom piece since the bottom piece retains about two inches of the vertical on both sides.

I am guessing that perhaps I should use a chop saw to ensure the cuts remain straight and true?  Am I correct or is a chop saw necessary?

And I am guessing entirely when it comes to positioning the top of the windshield frame to the body.

Across the top of the body I have virtually a solid piece of metal about two to three inches high.  (I'm going from memory unless I go out to the garage.)  I think I have to ensure that there is room for the windshield wiper motor and squirt hose to fit just below the solid metal body frame.  Apart from that, I reasoned that I want to ensure that the window frame is seated square so I measured and marked with tape equal heights on both sides of the windshield frame.  I then reasoned that I want to ensure that there is a little 'wiggle room' so before making my cuts, I will calculate my finished frame to be I/8th inch less tall.  Perhaps a quarter inch would be wise?  I don't know.  I don't want to cut it too short or too tall to fit or function.

I am anxious to finally complete my windshield and I think seeking the wisdom that permeates this site is the best way to ensure that I can do that successfully.

Any advice would be very much appreciated.  Thank you in advance.



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I made templates when I cut the roofs on my projects.... 
If you have the roof done, make a template out of hardboard (kinda like peg board without holes).
leave an even gap around the template (Your frame width shouldn't change). once you have your template... piece your frame together to fit. Simple eh?
use the same material when making patterns for the windows that you'll need cut. Make the pattern and drop it off to your glass guy. 

Another hint is to tack your work together and test fit before you get too far into welding anything.





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