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update to hang ten foot pedal

In case anyone wants to do the same, I finally managed to mount my high beam hang ten foot pedal to my spoon gas pedal without damaging the gas pedal in any way.

I understand the spoon pedal can't be welded and drilling might damage it so I thought about what options were left.  I decided to tackle one step at a time.


First, I rounded out the outside of a large bolt so it could fit snugly inside the hang ten backing so the two set screws could be secured to the nut.

Then I drilled a small hole through from top to bottom of the nut.  I was then able to pass a length of galvanized fence wire through the small hole. Hard to bend that wire in tight turns so although it is termed wire, it is strong enough to rely on.

With the foot secured to the nut and the nut secured to the wire, it only remained to ensure the finished product would be stable, small enough to fit in tight confines and safe.


So I wrapped the wire tightly, twice around the mounting bolt that provides leverage for the gas pedal. From there, I ran the wire down the arm of the pedal ensuring it holds the same profile and secured it to the arm at top and bottom ( (immediately above the 'spoon) by wrapping two small pieces of fencing wire around the arm.

It only remained to take the tail of the wire that ran through the nut and wrap it tightly around the back of the spoon bottom and complete the task by passing the end of the wire through the wire at the top of the spoon and wrapping it tight. The oval shape of the spoon ensures the wire can't slide up or down.

I would say the weakest part of the setup is the two set screws, prone to vibration I imagine. Otherwise, I doubt any of the modification interferes with the working of the throttle pedal. At worst, the set screws vibrate loose and I'm left with the nut secured to the face of the 'spoon'. Could be a bit uncomfortable until the opportunity to put the hang ten pedal back in place. And if it fell off, I made a depression in the floor so it is improbable that it could get wedged behind the pedal. 

I think it will make driving distances much more comfortable and still be safe.427AF959-CBDD-4BAE-BC39-57A1FFF28F87.jpeg8A667302-9890-4099-BC00-7BCC72344DED.jpeg

YES, there are a lot of wires. I'm still working on my wiring and probably will be for some time. You'll notice how some blue wires become yellow and yellow can turn to white.  That's nothing. You should see some of the connections.  I've got a lot more wiring work ahead of me but I'll sort it out. But it sure is a mess. I found some wires that connected to nothing --- at both ends !

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