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RE: Stirling Flea Market

Yes it was great weather all weekend. That was a big difference from the forecast at the start of the week. I had visions of driving tent pegs in the mud with my raincoat on.
As for a date change I myself cannot see that happen. AACA had everything planed and booked 41 years same date. You are talking big $$$ to rent Lindsay Exhibition Grounds for a week with a huge modern indoor facility for the same amount of venders with larger spots. This imagine this was all done before they announced the move to Lindsay and before SAS announced their takeover of the flea market. It would be a real gamble to announce the move and then try to book the grounds at a later date. So we are all stuck with the after results of SAS using the same date for their 1ST venue. I think AACA was also really set back when SAS made their announcement after AACA said they were moving. But it seems to be all working out for both meets thankfully.
As for rumours I do not listen to them. Very rarely do they ever have any merit or turn out to be true. Anyway I am sure Stirling was a great success on its 1ST annual flea market and I also wish I could have attended to comment on it also and yes I will miss going.
As for the new AACA Lindsay swap meet some people were predicting a new extremely small socks and shirt flea market. But after 42 years and after their 6TH ( hopefully last ) new location they really pulled it off. With over 460 some vending spaces filled with almost no ma and pa yard sale stuff and I think I seen 2 socks and shirt venders who snuck in. It was like being in a swap meet in 1968. Like Pete said there was NO trailer junk of the hundred some cars even in the car corral. As for the car show I did not have time to go over Sat. or Sun. to see who won the prize money either day ( better than trophies to collect dust I think). But by all the cars and trucks I had never seen before just in the swap field I wish I had taken time to go over. I seen the Motor City Car Club motor home over their I guess they were canvassing the show cars for Auto Fest. As for the best ride I seen their was the motorized Coke machine one evening. They should have had a designated driver I think. A new meaning to a cool ride!
Anyway I hope all had a great weekend buying, selling, showing your ride or just having a cold one while basking in the sun where ever you were.


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What a great week end for markets

         To bad they both had to be on the same weekend. Went to both on saturday. Bought a hot dog,fries and a pop in Stirling and a hamburger and pop in Lindsay

and have to say the food in Stirling was much better!!! The Lindsay market could have had the fairground's any week end they wanted I'm sure ,but chose this weekend to be vendictive to the stirling market. The Stirling market has been there for years no matter who runs it.Both market's had   t shirt,sunglass' jewlery leather belts, mopar , nash, model a parts etc. Over the years I have bought gloves at the Ancaster fall market ,Hats and sunglasses at the barrie market. Heck one year I had to buy the kids shirts and shorts because they were fighting over the cup of pop and spilt it all over each other.I have never bought a mopar part or a nash part or a model a part and would do well if the market's didn't let them in either!! I have no interest in looking at 2 spots of twiss model a parts or 3 booths of chevrolet repo parts or the same vendors with the same table with overpriced parts and memorabilia that they bring so they can pick the market early.  I seen a couple of Lindsay vendors at stirling early sat morning carring stuff and saw it on there table's in Linday in the afternoon.So although the market's arent perfect I still love them , still go to all of them. and I just walk by whatever doesn't peak my interest on that particuler day.It's not alway's about the car part's. I collect everything and even enjoy seeing thing's of day's gone by. For me a market is a market . I have found some of my best parts at so called ****ty market and attended 2 huge market's today and went home empty handed, I loved every minute of it. Will I do it again next year? You bet. Would it serve the public better to have the markets on different weekends ? you bet. Would it serve both of these market's to be on different weekends ? you bet. Will it happen ? Not likely For the power's that be, would only like to drive one or the other into the ground and to heck with what the public (buyers) think or how much they inconvenience them, or what would be good for all. Seem's to me from a bussiness look at all of this, I would much rather had the extra vendors and gate revenue at either of these market's all to myself on a different weekend. Instead of 300 vendors and 50,000 people going to stirling and 300 vendors and 50,000 people going to linday,but it seem's revenue or the public is not the point here ,It is all about ego's and I'll show you, of the power's, of the people, organizing these 2 markets.   


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Lightspeed Mike wrote:

I saw the Olds there too on my way out. I just about got my wallet out for that one. Had I the space it might have.
Best weather I can remember for the weekend ever.
Sold some stuff, chatted with friends.
Workin Class were you there, I'd didn't see you?

 Was chatting with workingclass earlier this week and he had said that he was not going to be able to make it.


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