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Carbon fiber hood

I was at a buddies shop a couple years ago. He runs Quick32 @ 7 seconds or some such. Anyway, we were having a beverage or 10 putting the car back together for it's morning load and go. First time I even saw his new car btw.

When we're all done, except a door, he says grab that door hanging on the wall. Ya full door, hinged etc, just needed to line it up and drop the pins.

I'm looking at him, I'm looking at the door on the wall, and thinking 'you gotta be kidding me'.

He laughed and said it's all good, it's really light.

I'm pretty sure that even 1/2 a beer was heavier than this door.

I'm constantly thinking of ways to get the weight down on the Supernash. (Going on a diet isn't in the plan, so bite me)

Anyway, I figured I'd get some pricing on a carbon fiber hood, it's already sportin Glass fenders and stuff.

Well HOLY JUMPING DONKEY BALLS !! This car will never see carbon fiber anything,, ever.

Damn !

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